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Leadership-to-Leadership (L2L) Program

Hands & Voices unveiled our newest program in September 2018 at the 15th annual Hands & Voices Leadership Conference. The Leadership to Leadership (L2L) Program is designed to meet Hands & Voices parent leaders on their journey of leadership which is unique to serving families with children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. This program provides leadership development skills to current leaders and supports the sustainability of chapters and programs through a proactive approach to leadership development and succession planning. The development of the L2L program is a response to the maturation of the organization.

L2L Areas of Learning

The program is designed to provide a one-year training opportunity to a cohort of parent leaders who seek to increase their knowledge and skills in the areas of: Personal leadership development; Supporting and leading others; and Working with organizations, agencies and individuals to create systems level impact. Each of the three domains are supported through the work of six corresponding components.

Program Design

The program uses a three-pronged approach to information exchange and leadership growth in the areas of learning, mentoring/coaching and peer-to-peer interaction. The learning includes formal and informal learning, through small group meetings, large public webinars, and Do It Yourself (DIY) activities including reflecting and evaluating personal learning. The mentoring/coaching piece transmits knowledge, wisdom, experience, and support from a selected parent mentor to an L2L parent leader. Each L2L Leader is matched with an experienced mentor through a selective application process. The peer-to-peer interaction comes through facilitated learning in a group setting. Activities are used to support engagement and collaborative learning to increase peer-to-peer networks.

L2L Enrollment and Timeline

Enrollment in the L2L is through an application process that begins in early summer. The Hands & Voices L2L program committee reviews applications and accepts L2L Leaders for the current cohort. The program title "Leadership to Leadership" is just that. It starts and concludes each September at the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference.

H&V L2L Class of 2019

Additional Leadership Development Opportunities

Although this program has a limited number of participants each year, H&V is dedicated to providing a wide variety of leadership learning opportunities for H&V members and those outside the organization. Whether it's from peers at Hands & Voices (chapter and program quarterly teleconference calls, regional meetings, etc.) or from outside sources, there are many ways to engage in opportunities for leadership learning and growth. Some of these offerings that happen throughout the year: Individualized Chapter and Program Support; H&V Leadership Conference; Leadership Book Club; and H&V Chapter Support Zoom Classes. You can find these opportunities on the H&V Calendar

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Leadership to Leadership Webinars

Building your Skills in Nonprofit and Conflict Management

This webinar will provide an overview of essential elements on nonprofit management -   the development and management of funds; strategic planning, delegating and monitoring of goals and objectives; tracking progress; Conflict Management – e will explore the basics of these components and tools that we can use to evaluate and guide our plans and actions.  

Presenters: Terri Patterson, Molly Martzke.


60 second Leadership Moments



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