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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Infusion

What Does DHH Infusion Mean to Us?

Hands & Voices recognizes the importance of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) individuals with diverse languages, modes of communication, ages, education, and life experiences, as equal partners in serving families with D/HH children. Hands & Voices values meaningful engagement of D/HH Leaders at all levels of the organization and recognizes the importance of D/HH Leader-to-family support.

DHH Infusion at Hands & Voices is ongoing, evolving work that is responsive to new challenges and needs. We provide culturally-specific, D/HH-led training, and technical assistance to support the engagement and development of D/HH Leaders in systems that serve children who are DHH and their families. We also provide training and technical assistance to family-based organizations to support the involvement of D/HH Leaders. Our D/HH Advisory Committee and D/HH staff provide consultation to support the development of culturally-sensitive policies, procedures, products, training, and activities. D/HH Leaders are meaningfully engaged in our organization at headquarters and in our chapters, on committees, boards, staff, and in family support roles.

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DHH Infusion Resources

Check out the resources available at the FL3 Center:

Trainings/Webinars:   https://www.handsandvoices.org/fl3/resources/trainings-webinars.html

Resources:  https://handsandvoices.org/fl3/topics/dhh-involvement/resources.html

Programming:  https://www.handsandvoices.org/fl3/topics/dhh-involvement/programs.html

Hands & Voices Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advisory Council

Meet the H&V Advisory Council 

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