Learning from Deaf/Hard of Hearing Adults

Resources to inform the Parent Journey

What will my child’s future look like?
I’ve never met any adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. Where do I go?
Who will my child’s friends be?
How do I help my child feel strong and confident?
What is it like to grow up deaf or hard of hearing?

These are some of the questions we have encountered from parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing children early in the journey. You likely have many more questions to ask.  Knowing the tremendous value in learning from adults who are deaf and hearing, families can explore these links with a wealth of diverse perspectives through stories, articles, websites and research on this page. 

FL3 Interviews with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults

An interview with Teddy Dorsette, III
Alea Dugan
An interview with Bowen Tang and Tina Childress. 
Aaron Rose
Luke Adams
Brian Evenstad
Christie Yoshinaga-Itano
Sara DesGeorges
Michael Casey
Stacy Abrams
Elle Mendiola
Melinda Stamp

DHH STEM Interviews
Casual Conversations featuring Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens and adults in the STEM field.

Visit the Casual Conversations page

Perspectives from Deaf/Hard of Hearing Adults

Deaf and Hard of Hearing CHANGEmakers - Interviews with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who are making a difference for families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children

Stories from D/HH Adults
Stories from D/HH Teens
Cochlear Implant Online-Speaking for Themselves
RIT-Stories from DHH Teens and Adults
Gallaudet-Stories from DHH Teens and Adults
North Virginia Cued Speech Association-Stories
AG Bell-Blogs from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults

Maximizing Your Child’s Visual Access

Visual Access guideBabies with typical hearing can hear their parents/ caregivers and daily life at home or in the community, even without trying or not directly looking at the speaker. Children who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing (D/HH) may not have the same access to language and information through sound and benefit from an abundance of visual information. This handy worksheet has some helpful tips and resources for parents from the perspectives of D/HH adults. [ Download Here ] [ Download Spanish Version ]


Empowering Deaf Adolescents
Social Emotional Development in Deaf Children


Research and Published Literature (NCHAM)
The Importance of Mentors and Role Models

Websites of Interest:

Books with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Characters
SKI-HI Deaf Mentor Curriculum

Other Resources