Literacy Resources

In addition to items on our website, here is a list of other resources which may be useful for learning more about literacy development.

Parent Tip Sheets


Parent Tip Sheets were created for parents and caretakers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) to use with the support of an Early Intervention provider with experience working with children who are D/HH. Each Tip Sheet briefly describes the developmental process of infants and toddlers post-identified hearing condition for cognitive, social, emotional, language (semantics, syntax-morphology, pragmatics, phonology –auditory and visual), pre-literacy and literacy development. These Tip Sheets provide suggestions for parents and caretakers, for fun, everyday activities to enhance their baby’s development in these aspects! Hang these up on your refrigerator and pick an activity or two to include in your baby’s daily routine or when you are out and about exploring the world.

Download the Parent Tip Sheet

Early Literacy Development

Literacy Websites

FROM LSL TO LITERACY - LSL to Literacy strategies in your daily routine to get your baby started on a lifetime of reading.

Early Start to Reading: Resources and information to support your baby with hearing loss’ literacy development.

Foundations for Literacy is an evidence-based intervention designed specifically for preschool and kindergarten-aged children who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Center on Literacy and Deafness website.   

Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

More Than ABCs: Building the Critical Thinking Skills Your Child Needs for Literacy Success

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss or Deafness-article

Parents who read to their children nurture more than literary skills - An article published by AAP News & Journals.

Reading Aloud: The Road to Literacy - A section of the Hearing First web site.