What is a leader?

A person who guides others in action or opinion; a person of eminent position and influence is a leader. From the Oxford English Dictionary 5th Edition

Leadership - “Bringing People to a place where they wouldn’t go on their own”

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Activist, Advocate, challenger, change-agent, collaborator, community developer, educator, facilitator, framer, innovator, life-long learner, listener, mediator, mentor and coach, negotiator, participant, professional team member, story-teller, role model, supporter, visionary…… LEADER

Family Leadership

Whether you are looking for leadership skills to enhance your knowledge for your own child or are looking to progress and move towards change at the system level, you can find resources here to develop and better understand these pieces.  There is value in capturing and nurturing all levels of leadership from those at the family level through peer-to-peer and the system.


Leadership Moments with Janet DesGeorges & Karen Putz

Tips on Learning to lead:

  1. Get some training & build your skills
  2. Get connected
  3. Consider your strengths/weaknesses
  4. Say ‘yes’ to opportunities
  5. Do what you say you’ll do
  6. Recruit, delegate & inspire!
  7. Recognize your power as a parent
  8. Find a mentor


Resources for more ideas on family leadership


Powerful Partnerships: A Handbook for Families and Providers Working Together to Improve Care

Family Voices