Meet our H&V Staff

Listed by Role with the FL3 Center

Janet Janet DesGeorges
Principal Investigator
Janet @handsandvoices.org
LisaLisa Kovacs

lisakovacs @handsandvoices.org
CandaceCandace Lindow-Davies
Core Management Team

Candace @handsandvoices.org
VickiVicki Hunting
Core Management Team,Director of Quality Improvement, Data Collection/Analysis and Evaluation

vicki @handsandvoices.org
StephanieStephanie Olson
D/HH Infusion Co-Director

stephanie @handsandvoices.org
KarenKaren Putz
D/HH Infusion Co-Director

karen @handsandvoices.org
TerriTerri Patterson
Core Management Team

terri @handsandvoices.org
HelenHelen Leiser
Campaign Information Coordinator

helen @handsanvoicesor.org
JoeJoe DesGeorges
Instructional Technology Specialist, Webmaster

joe @handsandvoices.org
JeanneneJeannene Evenstad
Office Manager 

jeannene @handsandvoices.org
SaraSara Kennedy
Product Development 

sara @handsandvoices.org
Rosabel Agbayani

Consultant to Support Diversity and Inclusion Innovations

rosabel @handsandvoices.org


For the H&V Headquarter staff roles, click here:  http://www.handsandvoices.org/about/staff.htm