Language Resources

In addition to items on our website, here is a list of other resources which may be useful for learning more about language development.

Parent Tip Sheets


Below are eight different Parent Tip Sheets created for parents and caretakers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) to use with the support of an Early Intervention provider with experience working with children who are D/HH. Each Tip Sheet briefly describes the developmental process of infants and toddlers post-identified hearing condition for cognitive, social, emotional, language (semantics, syntax-morphology, pragmatics, phonology –auditory and visual), pre-literacy and literacy development. These Tip Sheets provide suggestions for parents and caretakers, for fun, everyday activities to enhance their baby’s development in these aspects! Hang these up on your refrigerator and pick an activity or two to include in your baby’s daily routine or when you are out and about exploring the world.

Web Sites

Cue College logo



Cued Speech combines simple hand cues with natural mouth movements of speech to make all sounds of spoken language visually clear. Click here to learn for free.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Identify the Signs Campaign. At Home With Young Children? Build Preschoolers’ Speech and Language Skills With Everyday Interactions and Activities:

Giving Every Child the Gift of Words:  Vocabulary of Children with Hearing Loss .../feature-vocabulary-hearingloss.html

Five Language Activities for Children with Hearing Loss at any Age with any Language Level

Elements of a Language-Rich Home Environment .../V8-4_Langrich.htm

Hear to Learn

The Hear to Learn website was developed to house the resources of the Utah State University Listening and Spoken Language program, Sound Beginnings, as well as bring people together and foster a community of learning. Hear to Learn offers a free monthly webinar series on a variety of topics related to the listening and spoken language development of children with hearing loss for parents and professionals.

Visit their site at


Info to Go. This site is designed to share information and provide resources with professionals and families on a variety of topics related to children and young people under 21 years of age who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Visit their web site at clerc-center/info-to-go.html

Zero to Three: Language and Communication-website early-learning/language-and-communication

The Hearing First website is a multimedia digital experience and connection point designed to link families who have chosen listening and spoken language (LSL) for their children with hearing loss, and the professionals who work with them, with the resources, information, tools, community and learning experiences they need to ensure the children in their lives succeed.

Did You Know? Video series

Powering Potential Podcast

LSL Life Stories

Resources for Parents of Babies with Hearing Loss

Resources for Parents of Toddlers with Hearing Loss

Joint Parent-Child App Play Can Strengthen Language Development

Join the Hearing First Family Support Community for Listening Spoken Language (LSL) resources, news, blogs and forums.  (There is also a community for professionals to join.) An example of a blog post to check out:

Language Learning Through the Eye and Ear Part 1 &2 (webcasts) learning-opportunities/webcasts/ language-learning-through-the-eye-and-ear-webcast.html
Setting Language in Motion: 7 modules sharing critical information for promoting early language acquisition for young children who are D/HH. Captioned, ASL and Spanish versions. our-resources/for-families.html
Maine’s Collaborative Intervention Model:  You Can do it too! karen-hopkins-presetion.html
Language/Communication and Social/Emotional Milestones in an easy to read checklist for 2,4,6,9,12 month olds and from 2-5 year olds pdf/checklists/all_checklists.pdf

SEE (Signing Exact English) Resources: 

Northwest School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. 

“Signing Exact English: A Simultaneously Spoken and Signed Communication Option in Deaf Education,” appearing in 2018 JEHDI (Journal of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention).

"Education, Employment, and Independent Living of Young Adults who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing” 2012 American Annals of the Deaf.

SEE My Signs Resource Guide: This resource guide is a complete and comprehensive list of all SEE (Signing Exact English) websites, Facebook pages, videos and apps to help you on your journey with Signing Exact English.

Gallaudet Visual Language Visual Learning and (VL2) Parent Toolkit