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The Hands & Voices Family Leadership in Language and Learning (FL3) Center Technical Assistance (TA) model* is designed to respond to the needs of family-based support organizations, including Hands & Voices (H&V) Chapters/Programs, EHDI Program recipients, and family leaders in meeting their family engagement, leadership, and family support program objectives. Training, education, and technical assistance is provided in a variety of formats, including consultations, virtual and in-person events and meetings, and online resources. TA will be provided by Area Technical Assistance Advisors (TAA) as noted on the map below.

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Hands & Voices/FL3 Center Technical Assistance Advisors 

Yellow TAA: Terri Patterson
Orange TAA: Sara Kennedy
Blue TAA: Lisa Kovacs
Green TAA: Candace Lindow-Davies Canada

What can an Area Technical Assistance Advisor (TAA) do for YOU?

TAAs provide the following and are maintained with adequate time and expertise related to: 

Technical Assistance provided by Hands & Voices Headquarters/FL3 Center


  • Basic TA creates, provides, and promotes access to resources about the innovation desired, is typically episodic and shorter-term in nature and seeks changes in attitude.
  • Blended TA is a combination of both where understanding and commitment to change is understood but needs to build further depth to accomplish change.
  • Intensive TA includes work in systems change and capacity building that requires clarity related to agreement about changes; frequent communication; intensity; integrity; accountability; and duration.


Triangle of TA Care

Systems Change
Capacity Building

Levels of TA

Increased Knowledge Increased Access to Information
Changes in Attitude

To download a PDF of this TA Model, click here.

Basic Technical Assistance

Passive Communication

Group Interaction

  • H&V FL3 Office Hours- bi-monthly
  • Zoom Classes- bi-monthly
  • Webinars- quarterly
  • In-person meetings- annually
    • Annual EHDI Meeting
    • Hands & Voices Leadership Conference

One on One Communication

  • Phone/Email- biannually and as requested
  • In-person/virtual meetings
  • Online TA request through FL3 Center

Blended Technical Assistance

  • Inclusive of all elements of Basic TA
  • Specific or short-term Intensive TA may be requested/needed
  • Basic TA is appropriate, however further support and assistance may be requested/needed to increase skills and capacity during a determined time period

Intensive Technical Assistance

  • Inclusive of all elements of Basic TA
  • One on one (more frequent)
    • virtual, in-person, or phone meetings
  • Facilitated group meetings
    • virtual, in-person, or conference call with team
  • Specific training provided via virtual, in-person, recorded platform
  • Creation of new tools/resources to address needs

** TA to Canada is not supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant number UJMC30748-01-00 for Family Leadership In Language And Learning. Support is provided by Hands & Voices Headquarters specifically.

*This model of TA provided by Hands & Voices Headquarters/FL3 Center has been developed to impact the diversity of state/territory systems by adapting and utilizing evidence-based methods in TA as defined in Technical Assistance to Promote Service and System Change (Blase, K. 2009).