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Spotlight on Success

Spotlight on Success” is a series of brief articles appearing in the FL3 eNews, featuring strategies family-based organizations/family leaders and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs are implementing to foster family engagement.

Hope these examples of family/professional partnership will inspire ideas for your EHDI system.

Submit an example of your successful collaboration here.

Title Date Program Submitted By
Improving the I in EHDI 1st Quarter 2023 WY H&V and the WY Early Intervention Initiative (WEII)
Maine’s EHDI Focus Increases Family and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Adult Engagement 4th Quarter 2022 Maine Hands & Voices and the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MECDHH)
Louisiana EHDI - Hands & Voices Partnership 3rd Quarter 2022 Louisiana H&V an EHDI Team
Grupo Apoyo Victoria 2nd Quarter 2022  Puerto Rico EHDI Team
Tele-intervention in Arizona: A Collaborative Success Story 1st Quarter 2022 AZ Hands & Voices and AZ EHDI Program
A Road Map to Success 4th Quarter 2021 Guam’s Positive Parents Together and Guam EHDI Programs
Family Goodie Bags Get Parents Started 3rd Quarter 2021 Utah Parent Center-Utah EHDI Program
An Impact On All 2nd Quarter 2021 IL Hands & Voices-GBYS /IL EHDI Program
Silent(ish) Zooms 1st Quarter 2021 Oklahoma Family Network and Oklahoma School for the Deaf
South Carolina Adapts Family Services During COVID 4th Quarter 2020 Beginnings SC
Stronger Together: Collaborations Across Nevada Benefit Families July-August 2020 NV Hands & Voices
Stronger Together May-June 2020 OR Hands & Voices
Virginia EHDI Learning Communities March-April 2020 VA Center for Family Involvement at VCU
Assessing the EHDI System in WA Jan-Feb 2020 WA Hands & Voices
Connecting Families in Oklahoma Nov-Dec 2019 OK Family Network
NE-EHDI and NE H&V - Program Partnership Sept-Oc 2019 NE Hands & Voices
Reflections on Partnering with the State EHDI Program July-August 2019 MI Hands & Voices
Signs of Success in Parent Engagement in EHDI Systems May-June 2019 NJ SPAN