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Spotlight on Success

Spotlight on Success” is a series of brief articles appearing in the FL3 eNews, featuring strategies family-based organizations/family leaders and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs are implementing to foster family engagement.

Hope these examples of family/professional partnership will inspire ideas for your EHDI system.

Submit an example of your successful collaboration here.

Title Date Program Submitted By
Grupo Apoyo Victoria 2nd Quarter 2022  Puerto Rico EHDI Team
Tele-intervention in Arizona: A Collaborative Success Story 1st Quarter 2022 AZ Hands & Voices and AZ EHDI Program
A Road Map to Success 4th Quarter 2021 Guam’s Positive Parents Together and Guam EHDI Programs
Family Goodie Bags Get Parents Started 3rd Quarter 2021 Utah Parent Center-Utah EHDI Program
An Impact On All 2nd Quarter 2021 IL Hands & Voices-GBYS /IL EHDI Program
Silent(ish) Zooms 1st Quarter 2021 Oklahoma Family Network and Oklahoma School for the Deaf
South Carolina Adapts Family Services During COVID 4th Quarter 2020 Beginnings SC
Stronger Together: Collaborations Across Nevada Benefit Families July-August 2020 NV Hands & Voices
Stronger Together May-June 2020 OR Hands & Voices
Virginia EHDI Learning Communities March-April 2020 VA Center for Family Involvement at VCU
Assessing the EHDI System in WA Jan-Feb 2020 WA Hands & Voices
Connecting Families in Oklahoma Nov-Dec 2019 OK Family Network
NE-EHDI and NE H&V - Program Partnership Sept-Oc 2019 NE Hands & Voices
Reflections on Partnering with the State EHDI Program July-August 2019 MI Hands & Voices
Signs of Success in Parent Engagement in EHDI Systems May-June 2019 NJ SPAN