Spotlight on Success

FBO/Family Leader and EHDI Program Partnerships


The FL3 H&V team has created “Spotlight on Success,” a series of brief articles featuring strategies family-based organizations/family leaders and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs are implementing to foster family engagement.  

Our goals are:

Since this project values partnerships, we ask you to reflect and answer the questions as a team: at least one FBO/family leader and one EHDI program representative

In your article totaling one page or less (600 words), please answer the following questions (please be succinct):

  1. Describe a strategy your FBO/family leader and EHDI system together has used that has proven to be successful. 
  2. What was the goal you were trying to achieve?
  3. How do you know you were making an impact? How will families with children who are D/HH benefit? What Quality Improvement (QI) measure, Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSAs) or small tests of change did you use?  Please briefly site any survey results, anecdotal feedback, data, etc. 
  4. How can other states/territories replicate this strategy?

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