H&V Resources

:: Family Decision-Making About Genetics, Clinical Trials, and Gene Therapy
 H&V Communicator Newspaper Summer 2022, Volume XXVI – Issue 4
:: Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL) Considerations
Guide for understanding best practice recommendations for children with unilateral hearing loss
:: Guide for Parent-Professional partnerships in the hearing healthcare setting
Guide for Audiologists to create strong relationships with families and children who are deaf and hard of hearing.
:: Importance of Early Intervention ::
1-3-6 Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Infographic and parent survey information.
:: Articles of Interest ::
These articles address a wide variety of concerns for parents as well as professionals.
:: White Papers ::
Where Hands & Voices stands on important issues.
:: Russian Resources::
These articles were translated with permission into the Russian Language for families and professionals.
:: We Are H&V Training Video ::
Empowering parents to Influence and Lead. A video presentation that covers what Hands & Voices is as an organization.
:: Apps for i-phones, i-pads, and similar devices ::
With iPhones, iPods, iPads and similar devises becoming increasingly popular, technology has become a natural part of children’s lives today. Here is a list of available apps for Children as well as professionals.
:: What Parents Need to Know Series ::
The "What Parents Need to Know" Series discuss topics that parents often ask about.
:: Colorado Resource Guide ::
www.cohandsandvoices.org - Although it is compiled with Colorado residents in mind, there is plenty of information for anyone interested in learning more about Deaf / HH issues and facts.
:: Colorado Parent Funding Tool Kit ::
These pages are an adaptation of an article written to assist parents in understanding funding issues they face in the State of Colorado .
:: Web Links to Other Sources of Information ::
This page is available so that you can continue your search for the information you need and we feel it is our job to asist you as much as possible. Happy hunting
Spanish Language Resources
Ayuda y Apoyo de padres para  
los niños sordos y con dificultades auditivas 
:: Downloadable Documents ::
Forms, documents, and articles that can be downloaded in a printable form.