Leeanne Seaver

Leeanne Seaver, M.A.

Leeanne Seaver, M.A., is mom to three kids including her oldest son, Dane, who is deaf.  She is a founding member and former Executive Director of Hands & Voices. Professionally, Leeanne worked as a television writer/producer for 20 years until joining Hands & Voices full-time as Executive Director in 2006.  Her teleproductions for the field of deafness include “Loss & Found™: What to do if your child didn’t pass the newborn hearing screen” which can be viewed at www.handsandvoices.org as well as a video series for Boys Town National Research Hospital on Early Intervention Illustrated: The Home Team and The Art & Science of a Home Visit; and A is for Access: Providing Full and Effective Communication Access for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  She is the co-winner of the 2009 Antonia Brancia Maxon Award for contributions to the field of EHDI. in January 2010, Redbook Magazine named Seaver and H&V Outreach Director Janet DesGeorges as “Hot Mamas of the Month in recognition of their founding roles in Hands & Voices. Leeanne speaks nationally and internationally on educational advocacy and family support, and has published numerous articles, book chapters and resource materials including her regular column, “In a Perfect World” featured in The Hands & Voices Communicator.  Seaver’s new book, The Book of Choice: Support for Parenting a Child Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing is now available at www.handsandvoices.org and selected Barnes & Nobles bookstores.


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