Leeanne Seaver, M.A.

Partial Author/Producer List of Related
Articles or Videos

Parent Section, www.classroominterpreters.org 2005

The Time is Now , a :90 music/sign video promoting unbiased communication Modes and methodology for Hands & Voices

A is for Access: How to Create Full & Effective Communication Access for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Video TRT 24 Mins, Open Captioned, Copyright 2005

A Sound Legacy: The Marion Downs Story , documentary 2005

Early Intervention Illustrated: The Home Team (tape 1) and The Art & Science Of Home Visits (tape 2) CC training video series (2002-04)

Teaching the Kids With High Tech Ears: How To Support Students with Cochlear Implants in Mainstream Schools , OC Training Video, TRT 16:00 (2001)

Supporting Families Without Bias , The Communicator, Fall/Winter 2005

"Special Education Law: A New IDEA for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing," Chapter One in Auditory Disorders Among School Children, Editors DeRosiers & Downs ; Thieme Publishing 3/2004

"Social Cognition in the Classroom," The Communicator, 2/04

Deaf is Different: A Curriculum for Parents & Professionals, 2003 for the National Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities

Early Intervention Illustrated Videos - Three Tape Series, 2002-05

We Are Hands & Voices video/documentary for Hands & Voices, 2001

Teaching the Kids With High Tech Ears video, Seaver Creative Inc., 2001 "Pulp Fiction: The Paperwork Reduction Act Will Improve IDEA" H&V Nwsltr & Autism Quarterly, Spring 2003

"R'Advocacy & the New Vocabulary of Power" for the National Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities, Summer 2002

"The Communication Gap" The Communicator 2001

"The A.D.A. Paves The Way" The Communicator 2000

"Does My Child Need an IEP" The Communicator 2000

"The Deaf Child¡s Bill of Rights: A Law to Fill the Communication Gap" 1997

"The Longer Arm of the Law: 1997 IDEA Re-Authorized" 2000

"LRE: Language Rich Environment" The Communicator 1999

"Deaf Education Reform" The Communicator 1999

"The Power of Peers" Jefferson County School District Newsletter, 1995

"Special Education Without Fear" For Kids' Sake Magazine, 1990

Illiteracy in the Workforce: Shenandoah Valley 's Poultry Industry video documentary, 1989

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