Elizabeth L. Seeliger, M.A., CCC-A

While attaining a graduate degree at Western Michigan University, Elizabeth assisted in the establishment and maintenance of a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, as part of her teaching assistantship. Since graduation, Elizabeth has worked as a clinical audiologist in a variety of settings, helping to guide children and families through the process of diagnosis and intervention of hearing loss. She is now the Wisconsin Sound Beginnings (WSB) Program Director. WSB is the name given to the statewide Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program in the Division of Public Health. As the Director of the Wisconsin EHDI Program Elizabeth has played a leadership role in the development of a data, tracking and referral system, developed educational resources for hospitals and audiologists, facilitated the development of a comprehensive guide for providers, and an interactive notebook for parents. Elizabeth has also spearheaded the initiative to enable WI homebirth midwives to provide UNHS. Elizabeth sits on the board of directors for the WI Chapter of Families for Hands & Voices, Oregon Youth Soccer Association and volunteers with a community program called Parent Share.



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