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Mothering Three Deaf Daughters

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Bianca Birdsey, from South Africa, recently connected with Hands & Voices. Bianca and her husband are four months into the journey of raising three deaf daughters.  In her new blog, Bianca shares her experiences and daily life with her daughters:

Mothering Three Deaf Daughters–My Journey

It has been a crazy 4 months, so much has changed, and so much has been explored! There have been moments emotionally lower than I thought possible, but there have certainly been rays of sunshine peeking through our cracked lives and fractured dreams. I’ve been catapulted about as far out of my comfort zone than I could ever imagine, into the deaf world. A world that I had never given a second thought to. Initially that was terrifying; change and the forced exploration of the unknown is seldom comfortable. But in the last two months I have had some life changing discoveries. I’ve realized that my attitude in spite of circumstances AND feelings is always a choice. That has been an empowering realization! I’ve learned to give pride the backseat and ask for help, and to embrace my own weakness and grief. I’ve found that it has been the “allowing myself to feel” experience as well as acknowledging that there’s actually no way possible that I can do this on my own, that has ironically, given me strength.



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