H&V IEP Meeting Planner


[ Download the H&V IEP Meeting Planner - pdf ]

IEP Meeting PlannerHands & Voices chapters across the U.S. and Canada provide daily assistance and support to families as they go through the process to ensure that their child who is deaf/hard of hearing has an appropriate educational plan.  The ability for families to participate in a meaningful way with members of an educational team often determines the level of services that a particular student will be given.  The “Hands & Voices IEP Meeting Planner” is a tool that was developed by Lisa Kovacs, (H&V HQ and H&V IN) to help families prepare and participate effectively at a child’s IEP/Case Conference.  It is an adaptation from the original “IEP Meeting Planner” developed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. NCLD gave permission for this adaptation.  

The planner is organized into three sections, and is useful for organizing your thoughts and paperwork in preparation for your equal participation at the IEP as a family member.

What to do before, during, and after your child’s IEP/Case Conference is included.

Detailed suggestions for preparing before the meeting include: 

Detailed suggestions for participating during the meeting include:

Detailed suggestions for items to do after the meeting include:

This excellent resource can be downloaded at www.handsandvoices.org.