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The H&V Family Leadership in Language & Learning Cooperative

JEHDI, a scholarly peer-reviewed journal publishes Needs Assessment article.

Needs Assessment

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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students & Adults

Have you ever met a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Teen or Adult in your journey of raising your own D/HH child?

Check out these links to get some great insights from the experts.


ASTra Program

These documents and links are referenced in the H&V Educational Advocacy Guidebook.
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Funding Partners

Hands & Voices couldn’t do what we day every day without the financial generosity of our funding partners Click for more info...



Check out the H&V Blog:
Raising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child


Spanish Language Resources

Ayuda y Apoyo de padres para   los niños sordos y con dificultades auditivas

H&V Military Project

The Hands & Voices Military Project believes that together through awareness, collaboration, and support, we can aide in the timely support for active duty and the retired armed forces community. More Info...



Observe, Understand and Respond:
the O.U.R. Children's Safety Project

We don't like to think about it, but our kids who are deaf or hard of hearing are at a higher risk for both abuse and neglect. Like any children, they are at risk.
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VIDEO: THE TIME IS NOW for Hands & Voices, a communication non-biased family support organization

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VIDEO: LOSS & FOUND™ tells you what to do if your baby didn’t pass the newborn hearing screen.

The Loss & Found DVD is now available for purchase in the generic version.  Please click here to order.


Supporting Families Without Bias

When Hands & Voices first started out, we were constantly asked if we really believed an organization could be unbiased about communication modes and methodology. Ten years & thousands of members later, we've proved it can be done. Here's how.


Guide By Your Side

Guide By Your Side™ is a Hands & Voices program that embodies our strong values of direct peer connections and networking. It promotes self efficacy and hinders isolation by exploring our common bond, shared experiences, challenges, wisdom and insight.

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Communication Considerations A to Z™
Communication Considerations A to Z™ is a series from Hands & Voices that's designed to help families and the professionals working with them access information, diverse perspectives, and further resources to assist them in raising and educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing

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Hands & Voices is dedicated to the development of innovative products which reflect our mission. Here are some recommendations.

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Developmental Milestones

Understanding and Using Developmental Milestone Checklists.

Upcoming Events at H&V

Click here for upcoming events and opportunities from Hands & Voices Headquarters

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The Book of Choice

The Book of Choice is a wonderful expression of what we know to be true: parents sharing directly with other parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing bring an essential kind of hope, inspiration and empowerment.
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Hands & Voices Post-Secondary Transition On-Line Module for Parents and Their Teens. Hands & Voices is excited to announce the release of their online learning tool specifically for parents and their teens who are Deaf of Hard of Hearing as they begin this new journey into post-secondary transition.

Learn more about the module and how to self-register...

Research / Survey Opportunities

Professionals/ Researchers - do you have a study that needs participants? Families - here is an opportunity for to participate in research and surveys. More info...


8 Reasons to say YES to Early Intervention for your Child who is Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

Now Available in Spanish!

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Connecting Families book

NEW guide for systems thinkers and parents!

Find out about the positive aspects of connecting families with deaf and hard of hearing adults and community members, with suggestions for determining how to develop and access these supports in your area. More info...

Educational Enhancement for the field of Deaf Education


Hands & Voices is proud to sponsor the Deaf Education web site,, which enhances the teaching, learning and performance of children who are d/hh.  Please join the 33,000+ individuals who are already registered users of the Web site. Together we CAN make a difference.

The Mission of H&V Video is in ASL


The Seaver
Vision Award

Seaver Trophy

The News
Right Now

Read the latest information on current topics of interest from H&V


EHDI-PALS (Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Pediatric Audiology Links to Services) is a web based directory of information, resources and services for children with hearing loss.
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H&V Annual Report

Got Questions? View our latest Annual Report.

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Learn about the heart of Hands & Voices programs and projects.

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