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Major Professional Interest(s)

Parent Advocacy; implementation of parent participation of systems building of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening systems; parent-to-parent support; Deaf Education Reform movement, parent advocacy in school systems; IDEA, NCLB Part C and Part B Training to Parents; Medical Home Initiative; Quality Improvement

Education and Training

Life Experience:


Research and Professional Experience:

Executive Director, Hands & Voices, Inc
November 2011 - present
Director of non-profit organization overseeing 50 chapters across the U.S. and abroad.   Duties include personnel management, budget oversight,  newspaper editor, National representation on various boards, committees and task forces.

Executive Director, Colorado Families for Hands & Voices

Director of non-profit organization that supports families who have children with deafness or hearing loss. Duties include personnel management, newsletter editor, Statewide representation on various boards, committees and task forces.

Outreach Director – Hands & Voices (national organization)
2000 – 2011

Duties include:  Thought leadership to the development of state chapters of Hands & Voices.  Infrastructure development; technical assistance to state chapters. Development of materials.

Parent Consultant - Marion Downs Hearing Center

Duties Include: Consultant to 19 states who are establishing Universal Newborn Hearing Screening System. Speak at National conferences on the importance of parent participation, and parent experience. State MCH Grant overseeing parent participation by regional parent consultants for families who have deaf/hh children. Liaison to Consumer and Parent activities of the Marion Downs Center. Center Board of Director member.

President – Colorado Home Intervention Program Accountability Committee  2005 - present
UNHS Faculty Parent Co-Chair NICHQ Medical Home

Duties include:  Input to national faculty on collaborative development;  technical assistance and support to parent team members on state collaborative; product development

Vice President – Marion Downs National Hearing Center Foundation 2002 – 2004 
Duties include:  Fundraising for non-profit foundation to establish family centered health facility for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Parent Advisor – Colorado Home Intervention Program

Duties Include: Statewide representative for the families in the program.  Collecting and disseminating information on topics related to deafness to parents/professionals.  Attend meetings as parent Advisor where policy implementation for the program is decided by administrative team.      

Parent/Professional Collaborative Consultant
February, 1999-2001

Duties Include: Creating partnership model in the Denver Metro and then extending in the State of Colorado with the Colorado Hearing Resource Coordinator, gathering statistical information on the newborn hearing system in Colorado.

Family Advocate – Boulder County TransAct

Duties include:  Provide support and information to families attending an evaluation clinic for their child, assist in the development of IFSP’s to assure a family-directed process.  Collaborate with clinicians to make sure the process is family directed.

Director – Boulder County Spokespeople   1997 – 1998
Duties include:  Representing families in Part C systems in Boulder County;  Coordinate and establish parent-to-parent support for families with children with special needs in Part C systems.

Home Daycare 1982 - 1997
Duties included:  A cumulative of 13 years of caring for children.  Working with and listening to parents about the needs of their children.

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