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Leadership Essentials:
Navigating the Path to Success

Join the Hands & Voices Family Leadership in Language and Learning (FL3) Center for the next presentation in our Leadership Webinar series. Leadership Essentials: Navigating the Path to Success. This presentation explores the leadership journey, exploring components of how to become a leader, engaging others, finding strengths, and leading effectively as a parent leader in the EHDI system. By reflecting on oneself, building trust, and embracing diversity, individuals learn to inspire and motivate others. Key aspects discussed are setting a clear vision, nurturing teams, and handling challenges with resilience. This webinar offers actionable insights for aspiring and current leaders, emphasizing continuous growth.


Anita Cervantes-Bowen, IL H&V GBYS Statewide Lead Deaf Parent Guide,
Carrie Balian, IL H&V GBYS Coordinator, H&V HQ GBYS Program Lead

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