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For Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: Understanding Different Acronyms

When you’re new to the journey of having a Deaf/Hard of hearing child, it’s all too easy to become lost in the sea of acronyms floating around. Here are a list of acronyms you may encounter:

AAP:   American Academy of Pediatrics

ABR:  Auditory Brainstem Response (hearing test for babies)

ACD/ALD:  Assisted Communication Device or Assisted Listening Device

AGBell: Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ASDC:   American Society for Deaf Children

ASL:   American Sign Language

ASTra:   Advocacy, Support, and Training Program

AVT:   Auditory Verbal Therapy

BAHA: Bone-anchored Hearing Aid

CASE: Conceptually Accurate Signed English

CDC:   Centers for Disease Control

CI: Cochlear Implant

CMV:  Cytomegalovirus

CS:   Cued Speech

Deaf Plus: What is Deaf Plus?

DHH:   Deaf and Hard of Hearing

EHDI:   Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

EI:  Early intervention

FCEI:   Family Centered Early Intervention

FL3:   Family Leadership in Language, Learning, and Literacy

GBYS:   Guide By Your Side

HV:   Hands & Voices 

IEP:   Individual Education Program (Check out the Hands & Voices IEP Meeting Planner)

IFSP:   Individual Family Service Plan

JCIH:   Joint Committee on Infant Hearing

LRE:  Least Restrictive Environment

LSL:   Listening and Spoken Language

NAD:   National Association of the Deaf

NCHAM:   National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management

NCSA:   National Cued Speech Association

O.U.R.:   Observe, Understand, and Respond (Children’s safety) 

SEE:  Signing Exact English (sometimes Signing Essential English)

TOD: Teacher of the Deaf

WASK:   Our favorite acronym here at Hands & Voices…Well-Adjusted, Successful Kid


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