Ear Infections

by Heather Young

Ear infections are an extremely common condition that affects an average of ten million children yearly. The usual course of treatment includes the administration of antibiotics to control the infection. There are also natural remedies that can lesson the number and severity of ear infections in children. A short list includes:


Eliminate cigarette smoke. Studies show children who live in households with one or more smokers suffer more ear infections than children in smoke free homes.

Many studies show a direct allergy/ear infection connection. The most common food sensitivities that impact ear infections ( in descending order) are: Dairy foods, eggs, wheat , corn, peanut butter

Pet dander and dust are also common allergens. A symptom of chronic allergies is a constant sinus congestion or runny nose that never gets better. An elimination diet for two weeks of suspected found could be of great benefit.

Herbal treatments

Echinacea and goldenseal herbal combinations are good for clearing infections. It is best used at the very first sign of illness. Both herbs stimulate the immune system. There are several good liquid brands that are specifically designed for children. Use for no longer than two weeks at a time

Mullein/Hypericum Flower oil is used for ear infection and pain.


The most important supplement to give is LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS/BIFIDUS. It is valuable for any child who is taking antibiotics or has chronic ear infections because in addition to killing infectious bacteria, antibiotics strip the body of necessary friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, thereby setting up the possibility for constipation, malabsorbtion of nutrients, and the overgrowth of candida yeast which also is connected to ear infections (thus, the chronic part of it all). Acidophilus is found in capsule and powder form, suitable for all ages.


Belladonna - used for throbbing earache, fever, improved with head elevated.
Chamomilla - used for earache that occurs with teething.
Ferrum phosphoricum - used when fever accompanies ear infection.
Kali muriaticum - used for swollen glands and nasal congestion.
Pulsatilla - earaches that seems to improve with fresh air, cold compresses

Homeopathics can be used in combination, and are safe to use with other herbal remedies or prescriptions. All items listed in the article can be purchased in any health food store.

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