Reporting from the Field of Dreams

by Dane Seaver

I've been going to Field of Dreams baseball camp for three years. In the beginning, they didn't have a lot of free stuff like food and snacks or uniforms, but now they do. There are nice tents for shade there, too. Now they have lots more candy, food, pop, water, and you can just grab it, you don't even have to ask. The coaches are really nice and they really know how to play baseball. I already know how to play baseball, but they give me good advice on how to do it better. I like to play the games the best, because I like the feeling of beating the other team. I like the competition. There are lots of kids there that I know, but I also meet new kids sometimes. In the first year, I felt uncomfortable because I thought it was just for hearing kids. I thought I might be embarrassed. Then I found out that all of the kids are deaf or hard of hearing and all of a sudden I felt satisfied with that. I made new friends there.

What's special about Field of Dreams is that the deaf kids don't have the feeling that only hearing people can play baseball. We have a lot of fun there.

(Mr. Seaver is an 8th grad honors student at Hill Middle School in Denver )


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