3. I have 400 other children in this building.



This response usually comes up when a parent is advocating for a child, and the principal, teacher, or special Ed. Director is feeling the pressure of meeting the needs of ALL children. After all, they are responsible for meeting the needs of all the children they are accountable for, and they do need to maintain a focus for the "big picture". However, if you get this response at an IEP meeting, it is not an appropriate conversation to get into. Don't forget why you are all together. Your child has been determined to need an INDIVIDUALIZED plan, and that is why you are there. Here are some responses you can use:

"I know that part of your job is to look at the 'big picture' and make sure everyone has their needs met! But for kids like Mike who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks, I am so glad we have this process so that today we can focus on his individual needs"

"The service I am advocating for today is to meet Sonya's needs, but won't it be great that the other kids may also benefit from___________(add issue i.e. a quieter classroom due to acoustical adaptations)"

The Law:

section 1400(d) defines the purpose of special education is to make available an education..designed to meet their unique needs."

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