Top 10 Ways You Know You Have a Toddler Who is Deaf or H/H

By Katherine Baldwin , Colorado Hands & Voices

10. You spend more money on hearing aid batteries, ear molds, or implant cords than some people spend on their summer vacations.

9. Your vocabulary includes lovely acronyms, abbreviations, and words such as: IFSP, Part C, CCBs, CSDB, IDEA, dBs, CHIP, ASL, SEE, Auditory-Oral, Auditory-Verbal, and more and more!

8. You have at least five stories that start with, "Remember when she threw the hearing aid in the (fill in the blank)?"

7. You know exactly how many words/signs your child has in his vocabulary.

6. Discussing, looking at, and cleaning up earwax are not particularly gross activities to you.

5. In less than a minute, you can zero in on the sound of a squealing hearing aid that your toddler has lost in the supermarket (we won't talk about how it got "lost").

4. Your audiologist, ENT, early interventionist and health insurance claims office know you better than your mother-and hear from you more often!

3. You can answer the questions, "What are those in his ears?" or "What is that in his head?" in your sleep-and sometimes you do!

2. You can do your vacuuming when your toddler is asleep.

1. You never take the ability to communicate, understand and be understood for granted again.


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