What Families, FBOs & EHdi Programs Want:

Findings from a National Needs Assessment

An Webinar from August 2, 2018


Alyson Ward, M.S., IA, CHES - NCHAM
Vicki Hunting, B.S. - Hands & Voices

This webinar will expand on the results and next steps of the National Needs Assessment that has recently been completed by the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) for the Hands & Voices FL3 program. The results of this needs assessment will provide input to the H&V FL3 program in providing assistance to families of children who are D/HH, all coordinators of state/territory EHDI programs, and directors of family-based organizations who are contracted with their state/territory EHDI programs. The presentation also includes an overview the assessment methodology; reveal the details of the needs of families, family-based support organizations, and EHDI programs; and discuss next steps.