Building and Fostering Connections Between your FBO and EHDI Programs (8/10/23)

Do you want to create or expand upon your partnership with your state EHDI program or FBO (Family Based Organization)? What can you do by next week to get started? How can FBO’s help the EHDI program fulfill their parent-to-parent support objectives and metrics. The foundation can start with parent-to-parent support and expand to include diversity, equity & inclusion, reducing loss to follow up and collaboration with early intervention. We will share specific ways that we have partnered over our 15 years of working together as an EHDI Coordinator and a parent partner to achieve goals while strengthening our commitment to each program's success. Now’s the time to collaborate as EHDI programs write for their upcoming competitive grant applications. By taking a deeper dive into EHDI partnerships that support grant objectives, participants will walk away ready with ideas and written examples that they can put into action to improve upon support, resources, and outcomes for all.

Presenters: Carrie Balian and Ginger Mullin

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