Family Support: Proof is in the Data

This Family EHDI Data Learning Community (FEHDI) webinar is hosted by NCHAM and the FL3 Center to provide an opportunity for EHDI Programs and Family-based Organizations (FBOs) to have discussions about how and what data to track/report for the 2020 HRSA Objective “increase by 20 percent (from year one baseline), the number of families enrolled in family-to-family support services by no later than 6 months of age.” This webinar is intended to share the learning from this work. This work began with when a group of EHDI experts, the FL3, and NTRC convened a workgroup to develop tools for programs to help meet this new program objective. Using QI methodology, the tools were then tested in a Learning Community setting. During this webinar, EHDI Coordinators and parent leaders shared opportunities and challenges they encountered, and tools developed to help them strive to meet the objective.

Presenters:   Vicki Hunting, H&V / FL3 Center