Kathy Allen's Communication Strategies:


Replace non-specific strategies, such as "Excuse me, what did you say?" "Pardon?" and "Huh?" with specific strategies:

  • Please repeat that more slowly.
  • What is the topic we are discussing?

Experiment with new strategies:

  • Can you say that another way?
  • Can you write down that word?
  • Can you spell that slowly?
  • I heard you say "--------", but I did not understand the rest.
  • Does that begin with "b" as in baseball?

Manage your environment by saying:

  • Let's move away from the music.
  • I'll need to switch seats so the window is behind me.
  • I need the lights turned up more.
  • I need the sound turned up more.
  • I need to move closer to the speaker.

Explain your needs:

  • I can understand/hear you/ lipread better if you.
  • I do much better if you speak slower.
  • It is difficult for me to lipread/speechread when your hand covers your mouth.
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