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Hands & Voices Headquarters:
Updated:  June 2017

H&V Headquarters/Offices
PO Box 3093
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Executive Director

Description:  Represents Hands & Voices philosophy and mission to the systems that serve families. The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization per the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. 

Janet DesGeorges

Director of Chapter Support

Description: Provides support and oversight to all H&V chapters, including start up and provisional support, as well as providing technical assistance and information coordination, both in the US and abroad.

Terri Patterson

Director of Data and Evaluation

Description: Provides leadership and day-to-day management for organizational performance (goal setting, progress review, and communication) data management/reporting, quality improvement and evaluation activities.

Vicki Hunting

H&V Director of Programs

Description: Provides support and oversight to the GBYS and ASTra programs, including start up support, as well as providing technical assistance and information coordination.

Lisa Kovacs

Director of Development and Fundraising

Description:  Provides support and technical assistance at Headquarters and chapter level of Hands & Voices in the areas of fundraising, individual Donor requests, and development.

Helen Cotton Leiser

Directors of D/HH Infusion

Description:  Provides technical assistance to H&V Headquarters and chapter level support for ensuring the inclusion of D/HH adults and perspective into the organization.  This position also provides training and support for the D/HH Guide program element of the Guide By Your Side Program.

Karen Putz
Stephanie Olson

Media Director

Description: Oversees and manages the H&V web presence as well as technical aspects of H&V publishing and the H&V database project. Also handles inquiries to and support information regarding H&V Headquarters technical assistance to chapters in these areas.

Joe DesGeorges

Communicator Editor

Description: The Editor reminds chapters of the newspaper deadlines, collects and edits articles and pictures according to the Communicator standards, answers queries about articles and advertising, and works with authors on larger pieces.

Sara Kennedy

Headquarters – Business/Office Manager

Description:  bookkeeping; product ordering; national conference registrar; business inquiries.

Jeannene Evenstad

Conference Manager

Description:  The conference manager is in charge of logistical efforts and planning for the annual Hands & Voices Leadership conference. 

Molly Martzke

Grant writer

Description:  The Grant writer searches for, writes, and contributes to management and reports of grants for H&V HQ.  Also assists chapters by providing technical assistance in the area of grant writing.

Molly Martzke

Director of Outreach

Description: The Director of Outreach facilitates, through fostering and maintaining relationships with system stakeholders who support and serve families who have children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, building partnerships and connections necessary in order to maintain and grow Hands & Voices.

Candace Lindow-Davies

Director of Latino Support

Description: Provides leadership to H&V chapters and other stakeholder/partners, as well as resources in Spanish for Latino families. The Director also facilitates monthly meeting for the H&V led Spanish-speaking forum with committee members from different chapters.

Yiesell Rayon

In addition to descriptions above, our staff also supports the H&V Family Leadership in Language and Learning Project (FL3)  in the following ways:

Principal Investigator:  Janet DesGeorges
FL3 Co-Directors:  Molly Martzke, Lisa Kovacs, Candace Lindow-Davies
Director of Quality Improvement, Data Collection/Analysis and Evaluation: Vicki Hunting
FL3 Core Management team:  Janet DesGeorges, Molly Martzke, Lisa Kovacs, Candace Lindow-Davies, Vicki Hunting
Co-Directors for Deaf Mentor Activities:  Stephanie Olson, Karen Putz
Social Media Specialist:  Karen Putz
Webmaster/Instructional Technology Specialist: Joe DesGeorges
Diverse Family Engagement Facilitator: Yiesell Rayon
Liaison to family-based organizations:  Terri Patterson, Candace Lindow-Davies
Information Architecture/Social Awareness Campaign: Helen Cotton Leiser
Office Manager: Jeannene Evenstad
Grants Management:  Molly Martzke

For more on the FL3 project, click here: 



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