Trainings and Webinars

Explore past webinars and trainings on topics about Family Leadership, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adult Involvement, Family-to-Family Support, and Language, Literacy and Social Development.

Past Webinars

Co-Production of Services: Family/Professional Partnerships in EHDI Systems (7/26/17)

This presentation will describe the theory of co-production of services (Batalden M, et al. 2015) which encourages collaborative work on healthcare system design. The conversation will move beyond ‘how to get families involved’ to discussing the process in which families co-produce the system’s activities side-by-side with professional partners.  Concrete suggestions and examples, along with objective tools and measurements for ensuring successful outcomes in the family/professional partnership dynamic will be shared.  Presenters: Janet DesGeorges, Executive Director, and Molly Martzke, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Hands & Voices
Primary Audience:  EHDI program staff, pediatric health care professionals and other EHDI stakeholders. Additional audience participants encouraged to attend:  Family leaders, family-based support organizations.

Fostering Family Engagement and Leadership in EHDI Systems (8/31/17)

This session will define and describe the characteristics of family leadership in state based learning communities and EHDI Program Advisory Committees.  Additionally, information will be given that identifies tools, including the JCIH Self-Assessment Tool, to encourage and evaluate family engagement and leadership in local EHDI systems.  Participants will explore how new family leaders can prepare for their role in upcoming activities and give the seasoned family leader new tools to engage in the EHDI system.     Presenter:  Candace Lindow-Davies, Director of Outreach, Hands & Voices
Primary Audience:  Family leaders, family based support organizations.  Additional audience participants encouraged to attend:  EHDI Program Staff, pediatric health care professionals and other EHDI stakeholders

You too? Me too! The Impact of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults on the Parenting Journey (9/29/17)

Examine the positive impact that Deaf/Hard of Hearing (D/HH) mentors, guides and role models can have on the families and their children. The journey begins and ends with families but there is so much that Deaf/HH mentors, guides, role models can do to support parents raising confident and happy children. Sharing everyday experiences and expertise from a diverse group  of Deaf/HH professionals may reduce parenting stress and increase the joy, hope and expectations that parents may have for their child.