Language Resources

In addition to items on our website, here is a list of other resources which may be useful for learning more about language development.

Web Sites

Giving Every Child the Gift of Words:  Vocabulary of Children with Hearing Loss

Five Language Activities for Children with Hearing Loss at any Age with any Language Level

Elements of a Language-Rich Home Environment



Zero to Three: Language and Communication-website

Gallaudet Visual Language Visual Learning and (VL2) Parent Toolkit

Language Learning Through the Eye and Ear Part 1 &2 (webcasts)

Setting Language in Motion: 7 modules sharing critical information for promoting early language acquisition for young children who are D/HH. Captioned, ASL and Spanish versions.

Joint Parent-Child App Play Can Strengthen Language Development

Maine’s Collaborative Intervention Model:  You Can do it too! 

Language/Communication and Social/Emotional Milestones in an easy to read checklist for 2,4,6,9,12 month olds and from 2-5 year olds