Family to Family Support

Loss & Found Video

The Loss & Found video outlines what we as parents/families can do after our newborn child does not pass a hearing screening at birth. The film includes diverse families sharing their personal stories of learning their child needed to have a diagnostic audiology assessment to determine whether their child was deaf or hard of hearing.  Families also explain the importance of knowing the outcome and taking next steps right away to ensure their baby gets into early intervention and the best care.

“He could have slid through his early years without us knowing.” 

– DeeAnn, parent

“There was no history of hearing loss in our family. I found out that the first six months is a period of rapid brain development and a time you can never go back and get again.” 

 - Lisa, parent 

“You want to believe that nothing is wrong with your son. [child].” 

– José, parent 

 “Communication is so important for a little baby.” 

 – Crystal, parent

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