National Deaf Education Reform Movement

The debate over deaf education has continued for decades and yet one thing remains unchanged--the average deaf or hard of hearing student continues to leave school with a third or fourth grading reading level and deficient in most academic subjects. Even with the advent of newborn hearing screening, early identification of hearing loss, and new technologies, our children may continue to face a limited future in a deficits-based public education system. Communication and language are the foundations for all learning, and yet American law and educational policy do not recognize this fundamental truth, and, indeed, often work against it.

The goal of the National Deaf Education Project (NDEP) is to see the development of a communication and language-driven educational delivery system for deaf and hard of hearing students in the United States . In collaboration with Hands & Voices, NDEP has created , a website devoted to the reform of deaf education. This website serves as a repository of information on state educational reform activity, state recommendations for reform, written material, including examples of The Deaf Child's Bill of Rights as passed in several states, the Statement of Principle, links to activities throughout the nation including The National Agenda , and a variety of related information regarding NDEP and its work.

We welcome you to this site and look forward to the work ahead as we all seek an educational system that fully and appropriately serves the academic, communication and language needs of all children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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