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New Book by a Parent, Lydia Denworth: I Can Hear You Whisper

i can hear you whisper

“I Can Hear You Whisper” is a new book by Lydia Denworth, a parent of a deaf son.  With her background as a journalist focusing on social and science matters, Lydia explores the multi-faceted issues that parents of deaf children face today and she shares her own journey in the process.  From her site:


What if your child couldn’t hear?

When he was nearly two, my youngest son, Alex, was identified with significant hearing loss that was likely to get worse. The discovery left us reeling with questions about language and learning. I set out to understand everything I could about ears, and realized I needed to explore the brain.

I Can Hear You Whisper is the story of my investigation into the science of sound, language acquisition, brain plasticity, and Deaf culture.

Over the course of Alex’s journey to language and literacy—with a boost from technology in the form of a cochlear implant—I came to understand how sound or its absence sculpts our children’s brains and the life changing consequences of that delicate process.



Lee Woodruff did a TV interview with Lydia on CBS Good Morning America: A Mother’s Journey Through her Child’s Deafness.  Stay tuned to the next issue of The Communicator which features an article on Lydia and her son.

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