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Jordan Livingston: Becoming a Pilot

jordan livingston pilot

Jordan Livingston has a dream: he wants to become a commercial pilot, aviation safety officer, and a flight instructor. And he’s well on his way!

Jordan was born deaf and from a very young age, he dreamed of flying. Both of his parents worked in the aviation industry so Jordan grew up around planes. He obtained his pilot’s license in high school and interned at Southwest Airlines. He’s currently on a quest to complete his education and obtain the aviation hours necessary to certify him to fly commercially.

jordan livingston southwest

Take a moment to watch this Hands & Voices interview with Jordan and learn how he’s blazing through the barriers to become a commercial pilot:


An article on Jordan: Deafness Doesn’t Ground Aspiring Pilot 

Jordan’s experience at Southwest Airlines:  Southwest Intern is Defying the Odds to Become a Pilot 



  1. Jordon – Great and amazing story. My son is hard of hearing and has cochlear implant. He leverages total communication technique. He has been dreaming about becoming a pilot since his very young age. He is now 11. He knows more about Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. We would like to connect with you to draw inspiration, take tips, tricks and introduce my son?

    Please let us know. We can be reached @ or

  2. Go for it, Jordan! I know of two deaf pilots who have earned their commercial tickets. That enables them to ferry aircraft under VFR as well as fly cropdusters. Two others have earned instrument ratings that allow them to fly as pilot in command so long as a hearing IFR-rated pilot does the communications. Soon datalink improvements for small planes will remove requirements to hear and speak on the radio.

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