Genesiz Campbell: An Inside Look–Deaf/Hard of Hearing, with Autism and Multiple Illnesses

Meet Genesiz Campbell:

I’m Genesiz and I’m on a journey.  A journey to find me, my Peace, and, health, and help others like me.  I’m a young Disabled person from Brooklyn. I’m becoming Deaf due to my illnesses, and I have been diagnosed with MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.) It is known as a Lupus overlap disease and has caused me to develop many other autoimmune diseases, like Gastroparesis, Cancer (I’m cancer-free now don’t you worry!), and many others! So I decided to create a safe space where anyone could come and find information and different relatable content. I want to share my experiences and spread awareness for disabilities visible and invisible! 

Genesiz is sharing her journey through her blog:


We reached out to Genesiz to share her experience as an adult who is hard of hearing with autism and health challenges: