Candace Lindow-Davies

Candace Lindow-Davies
Family Support Manager
MN Hands & Voices
Lifetrack Resources
709 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55104

Candace is the mother of a son who is profoundly deaf and has physical/health concerns (affectionately termed “deaf/hard of hearing plus”).  She is the Coordinator for Minnesota Hands & Voices at Lifetrack Resources, the state chapter of Hands & Voices and home of the Guide By Your Side Program. The program's mission is to "build better lives for children who are deaf and hard of hearing by providing parent-to-parent support to families." Services include: information and referral, connection to other families, web site, lending library, directory of resources, educational workshops and social events, and a monthly newsletter and email updates about events, legislative issues and research related to hearing loss.

Candace has also served as a parent consultant for the MN Dept. of Health's Newborn Hearing Screening Program. She also serves on the MN Dept. of Health's Newborn Screening Advisory Committee, representing parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She has also served as Co-Chair of the Center for Disease Control's Parent-to-Parent Committee, developing parent materials for national use. She has presented at national, state and local conferences. In 2002, Candace received "The Distinguished Service Award" from Minnesota Speech - Language - Hearing Association. In 2006, she received the Betty Hubbard Maternal and Child Health Leadership Award. Prior to her work at Hands & Voices, she worked for 8 years counseling families in crisis.

She is passionate about parent-to-parent support, newborn screening, public health, comprehensive information about all communication modalities including cued speech, and children who are deaf/hard of hearing “plus”. 


Candace Lindow-Davies


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