Chart of Detailed Information

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Range of funding / Who will receive money (Family / Provider)

Turn-around  time

Income limits

Age criteria

Documentation required

Citizenship/ Residency


AV Hunter

  • Case by case decisions
  • Amounts vary
  • Checks made payable to vendor only.

About three weeks if application is complete

None specified

3 and up

2 forms ID, prescription for hearing aids, cost estimate, proof of CO residency (min-12 months,

See application

Durable medical equipment

Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing

Case by case decisions

One to two weeks to process and respond

Fees based on sliding scale based on individual income


Verification of income, sometimes medical permission needed


Digital hearing aids, two packages of batteries, follow-up visits, warranty visits

Communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Refurbished hearing aids

As soon as acceptable hearing aids are available

Any person in need


Used hearing aids are donated to person in need

The Elks Lodge

Average amount $200-$300. depends on local Elks Lodge

Depends on when application is received. Meet once a month

Lower income range

Focus on children


Possibly in future

Individual basis/need

First Hand Foundation

  • Will send money directly to provider
  • Must provide name/address of provider

Decision 7-10 days after monthly meeting


Child still under care of pediatrician, child over 17 must be in child-like mental state

  • Doctor's letter, Documentation of child's healthcare, proof of financial statement, letter of denial from Medicaid/
  • insurance
  • picture of child, info on equipment/
  • procedure

Hear Now/Starkey

Program of last resort

6-8 weeks


 Client must pay a non-refundable application processing fee; $50.00 per hearing aid


Hearing aids

The Hearing Foundation: International Hearing Health Missions


5-7 working days

HEAR Now guidelines



Analog hearing aids, cleaning tools, batteries

H.E.A.R. Project


2-4 weeks

Short form: 200% of poverty (36,800 family of four) Long Form: Family of four combined income of 70,000


  • Short form: statement from audiologist Long form: Proof of income, bank statements,
  • Proof of medical need, letter by parent/guardian of need, photo with permission to use, audiogram

Hearing aids, earmolds, repairs, testing, FM systems


Case by case decision

Around 6 months

No income limit. Many recipients are children of working parents who are unable to afford this special need.


Financial disclosure, W-2 form and pay stub, recent audiogram, prescription from a licensed audiologist and/or physician


Hearing aids, FM systems, computers to assist deaf/hard of hearing children

Mandy Project

Average $500.-$750. Checks only to provider

About two weeks

No set limits


Audiogram,  picture, permission to use photo

Possibly in future

Open to covering anything for deaf/h.h child Coverage

Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation

Hearing aid coverage

4-6 weeks



Audiogram and medical signed release within six month period

Citizen of US and legal resident

Digital aid, BTE and In-the-Ear

Hearing Aid Bank for Weld County

Provide reconditioned hearing aid

2 weeks to a month

Health dept. limits for poverty


Audiogram within last three months

Weld county resident

Reconditioned hearing aids

Larimer County hearing Aid Bank


Average 2 months

Sliding scale


Audiogram within a year

Larimer county resident

Repairs, ear molds, and hearing aids

CNI Center for Hearing's Cochlear Implant Assistance Fund

Efforts are made to request hospital, surgical, and/or audiology fees be waived or reduced.  Average out-of-pocket expense is aprox. $11,000 as compared to the $65,000 cost. 

  • Assist applicants who are
  • Un-insured or under-insured

1yr -adult


Permanent legal US residents

Cochlear Implant systems including internal and external components

HealthONE Alliance

Maximum  amount of funding that can be Requested 2000.00


Demonstrated financial need


Must be referred by appropriate agency; application sent by referring agency

Resident of Denver area

Medical or hospital care expenses

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