Private Funding Sources for Hearing Aids

Helpful Hints When Applying to a Private Funding Source

Many applications require the same documentation. Before filling out the applications, check to see what documentation they require and have all of the documentation ready.

Documents required by many of the funding sources:

  1. Copy of identification of parent/guardian.
  2. Proof of Colorado residency
  3. Social security number for child and parent/guardian
  4. Cost estimate for hearing aids
  5. Prescription for hearing aids from audiologist
  6. Verification of income
  7. Letter from family explaining the need for funding
  8. Recent audiogram

Most of the agencies will only make checks payable to the vendor.

Make sure applications are filled out completely or the application may not be considered.

Applications for Friends of Man and AV Hunter Trust, for example, must be filled out by a third-party professional. The client can not send it in because the application will not be considered.

Apply even if the expected turn- around time is not immediate; any source is worth applying to if you meet the guidelines.

Make copies of applications before mailing them.


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